Brown Brothers Body Works in Durham, NC performs services that are thorough and exact, taking you from the biggest vehicle crashes to the biggest customer grins. The first order of business is your vehicle’s total and complete restoration. How bad was the damage? Our inspections will let you know just how quickly and easily we can perform your collision repairs. We are committed to excellent customer service and we aim to deliver stress-free restoration. Regardless of whether it was a fender bender, or they’re telling you the vehicle is “totalled,” we’re the collision repair experts to bring your car back to life. For most of us, our cars keep our lives in motion. We understand how you don’t have time to waste, and we have specialists that can save you time, money, and stress. Brown Brothers Body Works gives your car back to you, looking like you just drove it off the dealership’s lot. We never grow tired of the smile we get every time finish your auto body repairs as only we can. Seeing your car look better than it did before the accident occurred is always exciting for our customers. That’s what our collision repair services can do for you and your vehicle.

Brown Brothers Body Works in Durham, NC is a team of collision repair experts. We’ve been providing top quality auto body repairs for over 35 years. Our specialists work hard to wipe clean any collision that your vehicle has suffered. From minor dents and fender benders to extensive damages from a huge impact, we handle them all with the same expertise and attention to detail. We specialize in all the toughest collision repairs, especially the ones you were told were not possible. Choose the experts that strive to give you back the same car you remember. Choose Brown Brothers Body Works because it’s your absolute right as an owner to use any auto body shop that you want to use. Why not choose Brown Brothers, the best shop in our area? Hopefully, you or nobody you know, was hurt in your recent vehicle collision. But we’ll make your journey back to the highway, behind the wheel of your favorite vehicle as quick and easy as possible.